SOG February Sketch

Some Odd Girl February Sketch

Colored with Copics:
Hair-Y21, YR23, E31,33,37

Funny story…ok, let’s see if I can write this so you can follow. Let me start by saying that I made this card for the Dean of Students, who is in charge of discipline at the school where I work. I specifically chose this Some Odd Girl digi image of Cowgirl Mae because she has a lasso…see the lasso? Good. Because the lasso is the key component of my funny little story.
So, to begin, I have to let you know that as a teacher I volunteer to monitor Saturday detentions that are 4 hours long…ugh! I know. Anyways, two Saturdays ago, I was monitoring a somewhat unruly group of students. At one point, I saw a student who had taken a few pipe cleaners off of my art supply shelf and he was sitting there twisting them. I politely asked him to put them back. I observed the student returning the pipe cleaners back to my shelf and the detention continued.
The following Monday, the Dean approaches me and questions what I know about a student having a lasso. A lasso? I ask. I have no idea what he is referring to. The Dean goes on to explain that a particular student made a big lasso out of pipe cleaners and during detention was lassoing items of another desk. Let me be clear about this: I NEVER, not once, saw this while it was happening. Supposedly, the student I asked to put away my pipe cleaners continued to make a lasso without my knowledge. I explained to the Dean that I did ask the student to put away the pipe cleaners and I watched him to do so. As for the “lassoing”, well, how could I have not seen that?!? The Dean and I walked to my classroom and when we looked on the shelf, sure enough every last pipe cleaner was gone!!! There was probably about a hundred of them. I guess that would make a big lasso!! Now, every time the Dean sees me he mimics lassoing and I pretend to be reeling his way! I thought this card was perfect for him. By the way, the video cameras captured the student walking out of school…lassoing on his merry way!
I guess you had to be there.



4 thoughts on “SOG February Sketch

  1. oh my gosh!! Lassoing sounds kinda funny, but so sorry they snuck away with your pipe cleaners. I love your card it will be perfect for him!! Your papers and coloring are fabulous! So happy you joined us at Some Odd Girl this month!

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