MarkerPOP! Challenge #17 Embellish with buttons

20130218-144919.jpg is occurring now. And…..
The prize is awesome…it is a 72 Marker storage wallet! (Markers not included, of course…)I could have used one of those the other night I fell off the curb when it was snowing out and my beloved Copic markers went flying everywhere including under the parked car! What a disaster! Don’t worry, I am happy to report that I successfully recovered all my markers! Thank goodness I have skinny kids. One crawled under to make sure I got them all!
I actually created this card to submit as part of the DT call occurring over at Some Odd Girl. I picked up a small pack of buttons the other night for my homebound student. And I saw these ones and thought they would contrast nicely with the polka dot paper I used.
I used Copic markers to color up Bookish Tia.
I still order that lined paper each year for my classroom. It’s perfect for teaching/practicing cursive writing. I tied some hemp string through the buttons.

And there she is…my daughter snatched this card up to give to her teacher.

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